Why this ebook is written

Having worked with hundreds of divorcing families over the years and being aware of their concerns, the author realized that there was a huge gap in the information available for people going through divorce. It also transpired that they were not getting the information from their attorneys and it was also likely that they were too overwhelmed to seek out the information in a book.

The purpose of this ebook, "Divorce & Custody", is to fill this gap. Like a "one-stop" information centre, it is packed with valuable information, resources, tips and advice.  You will learn:

-> dealing with infidelity
-> getting evidence of spouse's cheating
saving the  marriage
-> should you or should you not divorce
-> avoiding serious divorce mistakes
-> finding the right divorce attorney
-> financial implications of divorcing
-> how a divorce affects a child
-> child custody battles
custody evaluations
parenting after divorce,
and much more!.

All these are online so that you don't even have to take one step away from your computer to access them.

Best of all, it is absolutely
FREE for you to keep. Click here to get it NOW. 




Table of contents    
Introduction ....   3
How to read this ebook ....  
Meet the sponsor of this ebook ....  
Forward ....   6
Chapter one .... So you're thinking about getting a divorce ....
Chapter two .... Should I or shouldn't I?  I can't make up my mind! ....
Chapter three .... Dealing With Infidelity .... 16
Chapter four .... Ready to Move Forward .... 19
Chapter five .... Getting started .... 25
Chapter six .... When kids are involved .... 32
Chapter seven .... When custody disputes turn ugly! ....
Chapter eight .... When the dust settles ... 48
Afterword ....   50
FREE Download!
Why are we giving away this ebook FREE?

The answer is: why not?

When hurt by infidelity, or relationship break-up,  people are emotionally taxed. And they are expected to make very strategic decisions such as to rebuild the relationship or get a divorce, but at the same time their emotional state makes them least able to do so. As a result, too many people do things that sabotage the outcome of their relationship or divorce through oversights, naivety, or poor decision making. This is utterly heartbreaking.

But the outcome of their decisions could have been satisfying if only they had found the right information, resources, advice and tips to help them make their decisions. But most of them just don't know where to get access to such knowledge.

And so, we have decided to give away this ebook free to help people to make the right choices.  Yes, simply to help people.  We believe in the law of "sowing and reaping".  We believe that if we sow generously, we shall reap generously.  We also believe in the law of "giving and receiving". One preacher once said, jokingly, "If you only receive and never give, you might be a thief."

We hope you will benefit greatly from this free ebook.  If you insist on giving us something in return, then we hope you will generously give us one thing:
your feedback. We value your feedback because it will help us improve the quality of the information and the help we give people.

-> Please click here to receive your ebook and to give us your feedback. 

Thank you.
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