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 Divorce: Should I or shouldn't I? I can't make up my mind

Professional marriage counselors and relationship coaches recommend this system to their clients.

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From Dr. Reena Sommer, Divorce Consultant, Relationship Coach, Ph.D. in Psychology:

Your e-Book, "A Practical Guide to Deciding Whether or Not To Get a Divorce" is just what the doctor ordered for anyone who is even remotely considering ending their marriage. Your ability to challenge people to look at themselves, their spouse and their marriage in a concrete, realistic and logical way is to be applauded. There is no "fluff" in your book; just good solid information and direction written in a sensitive and understanding manner. This is especially true of the way this e-Book is able to reach out to people when they are most emotionally challenged.

By using the "Action Itmes" throughout your book, you are able to get people to not only think, but to move and do something about their situation. Like you said in the introduction to your e-Book, being in a state of limbo is not a good place to be. If a reader was to follow only one of your "Action Items" it would definitely justify the cost of this book.

Karl, thank you for taking the time to write "A Practical Guide to Deciding Whether or Not To Get a Divorce". I plan to use this e-Book as a standard resource for all of my clients in my divorceconsulting practise."

Dr. Reena Sommer
Ph.D. in Psychology, Family Studies and Sociology

University of Manitoba
Divorce Consultant, Relationship Coach
Author of "The Anatomy of An Affair"


“Karl, I just want to say ‘thanks’! Your “Action Items” in this guide were just what I needed 4 months ago when I first started ‘contemplating’ getting divorced. Since, I’ve made my decision and have a good plan for moving forward”.

--- Gary D, [city withheld for privacy], Texas

From Glenn Livingston, Ph.D in Clinical Psychology:

"A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce" is an exceeding brave, well written, practical, step-by-step book which dares to discuss specific soul-searching exercises (or "Action Items" that are necessary to make an informed decision about divorce.

In fact, I'd recommend it for any couple or person in conflict, and I actually wish that people in (or about to enter) harmonious relationships would take the time to read through it.

"A Practical Guide To Decide Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce" could save a LOT of pain and steer people towards more fulfilling relationships regardless of the possibility of divorce.

Because Karl is not a professional protecting a license, he dares to say what doctors and attorneys simply do not. I know of no other book on the subject which offers comparably valuable information.

-Glenn Livingston, Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
Yeshiva University, Couple's Therapist (Over 1,000 Couples), Private Practice

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 "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"

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"Should You Stay or Should You Go?"...

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"Reading Should I Stay or Should I Go did exactly what its subtitle suggests --- it raised compelling questions for me to consider not only about my current relationship but for my life. It helped me to be completely honest with the most important person in my life about my need to look into our future to see if we had the same goals.

Reading it made me sit down and write out my future goals for myself and to discuss the collective goals of my partner and me. We will now have this to refer to in the future, as we grow together. I knew approaching my boyfriend with this book would either make him consider a future with me or run the other way.

Whatever happened would have revealed the truth about our relationship. Approaching him with the book stirred up a lot of raw emotion and difficult discussions, but we are better for it. Thank you, Susie and Otto, for sharing the gift of your path in finding a true, loving relationship."                 +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

Listen to Curt Williams from Calgary, Alberta about  the impact of the book on his life...

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"I've been reading and listening to columns and advice from Susie & Otto for over 2 years now... at a time when thinking clearly was not easy for me to do, because my wife and I were on the verge of divorce, this book gave me the tools I needed to dig deep down inside myself and ask myself questions I wouldn't have otherwise been able to at that time.

Although my wife and I decided to go our separate ways... this book is an ongoing relationship tool that will always help me evaluate myself and what I am offering and/or getting out of a relationship. Thank you Susie & Otto for helping me make this difficult decision."

Listen to Jeanie from Lee Center, Minnesota talk about the book... 

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"Honestly, I read the book (Should you Stay or Should you Go?) in a single sitting. Then I left it at his house for him to read. That was last week. THREE days later he surprised me with the MOST romantic weekend trip I have ever experienced in my life.

We are BOTH very happy. We discussed everything on our minds and there has been great communications ever since. He is not only very romantic, but thoughtful and considerate. He is now my best friend." --- Dr Pamela Zanetti

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   "...well worth the price of the book..."

"if you are unhappy in your marriage and contemplating divorce, I recommend that you get hold of Lisa Christopher's ebook How to Decide if You Should Divorce. Make it yoiur sweet guide and companion. Let its many wisdoms light your way through this difficult decision making journey.

It is a warm and friendly book, full of simple and potentially life saving suggestions to help you avoid unnecessary confusion, conflict and pain while you are getting clarity on your thoughts/feelings and needs/wants.

The insightful sections on defining your thoughts and feelings, finances, safety and child custody are well worth the price of the the book.

If you want to live your life by your own design not by default, Lisa's ebook is for you. It guides yu gently to your heart's wisdom so that you can make the decision that is just right for you..."

Carol A. Loughlin. M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"This is absolutely necessary
for any woman thinking about divorce."


“Bravo! A really great piece of work, full of insights and advice that are invaluable to any woman debating the possibility of divorce. The sections on legal and custody issues are particularly helpful, and I am certain that women will find ‘How to Decide if You Should Divorce’ to be a practical, inspiring, and comforting guide during a time of personal turmoil, when such help is most needed...remarkably reassuring and non-judgmental of any woman questioning her marriage & priorities. I will definitely recommend it to my clients whenever appropriate.”


Virginia Leen

"...this book is a MUST read!"

"If you are questioning, are concerned about, or unhappy in your marriage, this book is a MUST read! Lisa takes you through the "let's look at this marriage" step by step. She covers it all and gives yo a timeline to work with. And her timeline is practical! No stone is left unturned.

One the things I like best about Lisa is, she is unbiased as to whether or not divorce is the right answer and action for you.

I will recommend this book to all my clients who are working through marriage issues."

Reverend JoyceAnne Pierce

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