Stop the Agony of the Affair

Get back to your old self...
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Some people have already achieved this!  Here is a sample of true stories:
Huizenga: I knew my husband was involved with another woman.  His affair lasted two years and has been ended for almost ten months.  You have produced the most helpful, useful and relevant book on dealing with your partner's affair that I have ever seen. You include vital information that no other source contains.  Your profiles are so accurate it is eery!  For me the most valuable part of each chapter is the very specific advice on what YOU can do to increase yoiur chances that your marriage will survive the affair. I felt many times as I read your book that you somehow had been in my head and heart and living my life, your descriptions and profiles are that accurate!

Thank you so much.  Your advice makes a lot of sense, for us to find a way to use the pain of these prank calls to make us stronger.  I think
my wife & I are making great progress together in our relationship and saving our marriage.  I thank you so much for your ebook and your advice in this specific matter.  As a person who has felt like my life has been turned upside down during this ordeal, you have provided me much support and "calm" to my situation.  Terry.

Dr Huizenga, your book has provided me with greater insight, with more understanding, with reassurance of my own value.  But it has also presented me with a scary problem: my husband's affair was a very complicated matter, it is not going to be an easy or short road to recovery, and it will not be easy determining which tactics to use and when as I deal with
building a new, and hopefully better thanks to you, relationship with my husband.  Initially my heart and hopes sank as I discovered just how difficult this "recovery" will be, but it is encouraging to find that my intuitive responses in dealing with my husband and his affair have more often than not been correct.  You have also given me many new ideas of ways to "shake up" the way we communicate and relate with each other, something we have needed badly for many years.  I have a difficult road ahead, I have to accept that, but you have helped me understand that new territory better than I could have without this book.  I can never thank you enuogh or repay your generosity.
Break Free From The Affair!
Thanks Bob for your encouraging words.  I'm taking your advise and feel confident and at peace that I am on the path to reclaiming my integrity.  I'm planning on a wonderful New Year! Joan

Your ebook has already been a big help!No matter how this turns out I'm already alot better off (feeling wise) than he appears to be.  Seems like your recommendations are right on target - he can't figure out exactly what is going on other than I'm doing very well these days and still being a very caring loving wife.  Thanks for all your help!

Dear Dr Huizenga,
I just bought your book yesterday and all I can say is thank you.  I was on a emotional roller coaster when I found out that my wife was having an affair (#4).  Everything you mentioned, I was going through( I was miserable).  You helped me more than anyone or any resource ever did.  It was uncanny how accurate everything was.  Dr. Huizenga, you saved me from so much pain and angish, now I have the power, the knowledge and the confidence to go on with my life.  Thank you for everything.  Kelly
PS I would have paid ten times more for the book if I knew how truly powerful it was.
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